We all dream, aspire, wish and pray. Most of the time, we keep our biggest goals + wants to ourselves because to say them out loud makes them real. Additionally, our dreams are so intimate and personal, it’s hard to put them out in the world. The things we want the most are often held close, kept inside to keep them safe from outside opinions or interference.

What if our dreams never come to fruition? What if they are so grandiose, we don’t even know how to work towards them? What if people judge our plans and their opinions end up defeating us?

Dreams do come true though. Maybe not every one of them but many do in our lifetime. The stars align and bring our wishes out of the sky and into reality. I have some small wants/goals. For example I want to learn how to use my camera, grow the reach of my blog + achieve a tight post-baby-body. However, I also have some really big (hard to even put into words), dreams that I carry with me. Most of these wants relate to my family + personal relationships. Yet, as you can imagine, many of my biggest dreams are not often shared here on the blog. This platform is a personal space for me but there is a line in the sand where I protect my true-self and keep some things close to the chest.

Some days it feels like I am puttering along, slowly moving forward towards a big or small goal of mine. While other days, it feels like I jumped on a rocket and I am being cannonpulted towards something I really want. Regardless, I like taking a moment to recognize that things are moving in a positive direction, even if it is only a tiny little step. Dreams are worth having and working towards them (regardless of the timeline) is always worth it.

I hope you never stop dreaming, wanting, pushing + fighting for the big and small goals in your heart. Happy wednesday!



Written by Jaime
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