Ugh, I hate writing negative reviews; I feel horrible putting bad things out there when I know it could have been completely situational but I also want to be a honest blogger and give my true opinion… good or bad. And not everything is roses all the time, right? I would have to say that was the case when I recently visited the new session kitchen on south pearl street. 
It was a beautiful sixty-degree day without a cloud in the sky so, I thought an afternoon cocktail on a local patio would be the perfect activity. Session has been open for a few months now and on my list of places to check out due to their globally inspired tapas menu. While I did get a spot on their sunny and laid-back patio to enjoy a coin style margarita, the rest of the experience was a bit of a miss. 
The margarita was tasty but not really a standout in a city that has margs on nearly ever menu. In addition, the kennebec fries were extremely over salted (yet I must note, the roasted tomato + onion jam was awesome and super flavorful). Sadly the biggest disappointment was in the service; the host stand being empty while diners arrived, servers spilling drinks on the tables, diners being bumped into by staff walking by and servers walking away mid-question from diners. 
I know session has only been open since the end of october and kinks in the system can take a while to work out so I am hoping things can improve for the positive. I just hope that session can work out their service issues sooner than later because the restaurant felt oddly empty for a weekend afternoon, during happy hour, on a warm day in the middle of january. 
Written by Jaime
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