I love supporting local growers + makers by visiting my neighborhood farmer’s market; the fresh produce is hard to beat too!

My sunday routine is pretty straight forward; I pick up a great cup of coffee, get dressed + head out to one of denver’s farmer’s market. Immediately, my senses are firing on all cylinders as I walk in. There are dozens of booths lining the street with beautiful produce in every color of the rainbow. Also, the sounds of live music, kids laughing + people talking, are all around me. Delicious scents fill the air too. The fresh lavender soap is intoxicating, as are the veggies sautéing from inside a food truck just steps away.

One of my favorite aspects of the farmer’s market is the inspiration. A table of beautiful heirloom tomatoes instantly has me dreaming about a colorful caprese salad. Fresh blooms gets me rethinking my table arrangement and how I could update a sunning corner in my living room with some bright flowers. Every booth has a story + the makers or growers graciously talk to everyone about their bounty. Additionally, I love finding a new-to-me product or picking out the most beautiful produce to meal plan around for the week.

Denver has quite a few farmers markets from early spring until mid-october. Most are open either saturday or sunday but a couple even run during the week. Personally, I’m partial to the south pearl street market, cherry creek’s and the market that is outside union station downtown. Wandering up and down the street, stopping at each booth to peruse the offerings + even sampling some of the tasty goods is so fun. I have become a huge fan of golden acre farmrocky mountain fresh + brown dog farm for their stunning seasonal produce. Likewise, I am obsessed with the sustainably grown mushrooms from mile high fungi.

Supporting colorado growers + makers is so important to me. More, I love shopping small + the community it builds. Not to mention, fresh local produce just tastes leaps-and-bounds better than most grocery store offerings. Knowing where your food comes from, how it was raised + even building a relationship with the grower themselves, is pivotal for small farms + businesses. I urge you to visit + support your local farmer’s markets often; you will not be disappointed.


Photos by Jenna Sparks. Follow her on Instagram @jenna.sparks.photography.


Written by Jaime
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  1. Ashley August 23, 2017 at 6:35 pm

    I love the union station farmers market too!

  2. Lori August 24, 2017 at 5:23 pm

    I am partial to the Pearl Street Farmer’s market and the tamales sold there.