Succulents + cacti are some of the most low-maintenance plants. They make a dynamic + bold statement too. No wonder why I am currently obsessed with almost every variety.

(potted beauties from the jungalow)

Confession, I love plants. They no only bring a natural element to any room, they improve the air quality + are some of the only decor that gets better with age. I have always had a couple plants tucked into sunny corners of my home, usually of the succulent variety. My love of succulents even fueled the inspiration for my wedding florals. Furthermore, a couple years ago I learned about air plants while at the farmers market. I immediately bought a couple to live in beautiful glass-blown globes in my bathroom.

As of late, I cannot quit pinning beautiful displays of succulents + cactus varieties. I love their bold shapes, bright colors + of course, ease. It is practically impossible to kill these guys, even for the blackest of thumbs. Some of the more dramatic varieties make a strong statement on their own while others look best in small arrangements together. I am particularly drawn to these plants when potted in natural stone pots + vessels. Their organic shapes, both the pots + the plants, are such a striking combination. Local denver potter, motar + stone makes some of my absolute favorites too.

(pastels + cacti from my attic)

(simple but striking via a fabulous fete)

(a perfect combo from what olivia did)

What do you think of succulents + cacti? Are you a fan of their beauty like me?


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