Cookbooks are one of my deepest obsessions… and largest collections. Seriously, I read them cover-to-cover like a novel. I will even admit I go to local book stores to just sit down and read cookbooks with a coffee in hand. Does this make me lame? I say no because they are one of the major contributors to my love for food.
The pages are full of beautiful mouth-watering recipes and stories from the author that give you a sense of their cooking style and inspiration. Oh, and the perfectly styled pictures… I swear, food stylist have the best jobs. They have a unique way of always making the food look like it is jumping off of the page. I just love everything about cookbooks.
I have a couple dozen cookbooks at my house and I reference them on the regular when coming up with week-night meals, menus for entertaining or just to peruse on a lazy sunday mornings. There are many more I would love to add to my collection but here are a few that rank top in my repertoire currently.

Written by Jaime
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