One of cohen’s most favorite activities is reading which I absolutely love. Our family received quite the collection of books from my baby showers by friends + family. The majority have a sweet note written on the inside cover which I probably adore more than the stories themselves. I’m such a sentimental sap! Since cohen’s arrival, our collection has only grown. We have a couple bins in our house to store them all; one in cohen’s room next to his teepee (one of his most favorite reading spots) + the other in our living room.

Cohen will go dig out a book of his choosing + so proudly carry it over for us to read to him. I’ll say, ‘do you want to read this book with me?’ and he will nod his head with his big doe-eyes staring up at me. Then he will backup into my lap + plop down in one swift motion. On a daily basis, I bet we read about 10 books (or the same ones a few times over!). I like to use different voices for certain characters or make fun gestures to go with a particular page. I swear it helps him remember the story + makes it even more entertaining.

Some of our favorite books are a bit worn + you can definitely see they’re loved. The majority are board books which are great to take with us on the go or to let cohen ‘read’ on his own. However, we do have a few that require a bit of ‘adult supervision’ due to their sentimental nature or ease in tearing. I guess that is what scotch tape is for! While cohen’s tastes + interests are constantly changing, below are a few of our favorite books to read right now…

from head to toe by eric carle – cohen knows this book cover to cover, along with the gesture or movement associated with each page. Just the phrase, ‘what does a seal do?’ will get him to light up + clap his hands.

the wonderful things you will be by emily winfield martin – I can barely get though this book without crying. Yet, I love this book’s message + how it empowers a sense of adventure, kindness + imagination for kids.

llama llama red pajama by anna dewdney – a book about a momma llama + her baby… I could not be happier to read this over + over. The sweetest part is when cohen kisses the momma llama in the book so gently.

little blue truck by alice schertle – we have read this book since cohen was only a few weeks old. It has tons of animals, a great message about helping others + a truck… one of cohen’s biggest obsessions!

the little boy who lost his name by pedro serapicos – this customized book tells a story of a little boy looking for his name. A slew of animals help him as he embarks on a search + adventure. It is so beautifully illustrated + supports a great cause.

pat the bunny by dorthy kunhardt – a true classic we’re reading more often as we learn about our senses. Sometimes we don’t actually read the book because playing ‘peek a boo’ with the curtain is so much fun.

have you seen my dinosaur by jon surgal – this little adventure follows a boy who has lost his dinosaur + figuring out where he could be. Cohen loves pointing out where the dino is on each page… especially the part where he combs his hair.

I love you through and through by bernadette rossetti shustak – this book has helped teach cohen about his body parts, moods + gestures. It also has the best message about loving unconditionally.

dada by jimmy fallon – I bought this book for ryan’s 1st father’s day in hopes ‘da da’ would be cohen’s first word. Sadly it didn’t work because his 1st word was ‘ma ma’ but the book is still a favorite.

cars + trucks from a to z by richard scarry – cohen LOVES cars and this book has them from cover to cover. This little board book is really small too, perfect to toss into the diaper bag for on-the-go entertainment.

the very hungry caterpillar by eric carle – a caterpillar who eats his way through the most delicious food before transforming into a butterfly, glorious. I love eric carle’s  visual + bright artistry.


Written by Jaime
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