Christmas 2018 // Recap

Jumping back into 2018 to share all the details of our Christmas break.


I took a bit of a blogging break over the holidays to spend some much-needed quality time with my family. However, I am back now to share all the fun + photos from this past christmas.

Gratitude + Holiday Magic

christmas 2018

I have to start by saying how insanely grateful I still feel since christmas day. Our family’s graciousness was more than I could have ever imagined. Our home is now filled with even more love, laughter + toys than I know what to do with! Seriously… where do I put all the things?!?!

Cohen is now approaching 3 1/2 which made this year’s festivities feel more REAL than ever. Santa, presents, holiday parties, elves, setting out cookies + milk, christmas trees, reindeer, candy canes + chrimstas movies are all very real!

christmas 2018

Cohen really ‘got it’ this year + experiencing it through his eyes gave me all the feels. It is hard to put into words but I think ‘magical’ is the best way to describe it.

Blake was very into christmas too. Every morning her face would light up when we counted out, ‘1… 2… 3…!’ + turned the lights on for the christmas tree. She understood opening gifts too, even if she really only wanted to open 1 at a time + just play. A bit overwhelming still but she loved it.

christmas 2018

Santa’s Gifts

Santa brought our babes a new play kitchen, complete with an ice machine, refrigerator, oven + stove. Both sets of grandparents gifted the kids cooking + grocery shopping items which has only added to the fun. We are now shopping for groceries, cooking up pizzas + playing ‘chef’ non-stop.

christmas 2018

Our children are both mildly obsessed with all the toy story movies. So, santa’s delivery of some toy story figurines were a major hit. They have been in constant play since christmas morning. We momentarily lost woody but he is back in action and out of the couch cushions.

It’s funny how some of the most simple toys become instant favorites?!?!

Family Traditions

christmas 2018

Of course holidays are all about one of my favorite things… tradition. Green chile + tamales on christmas eve, bloody mary’s on christmas morning + eating smoked salmon or shrimp cocktail before a decadent dinner made by my dad. Oddly, most of my favs all surround food. Maybe that is not that odd after all?

christmas 2018

This year we also started a couple new traditions. We began putting out cookies + milk for santa and wearing matching family jammies on christmas morning. I cannot wait to see where these traditions go in the years ahead. As cohen + blake get older, I am sure we will incorporate even more too.

christmas 2018

Overall Thoughts

While I wish we would have gotten a couple flakes of snow, I really had the most amazing holiday. Seriously though… no snow on christmas in denver just doesn’t feel right. However, our family spent a ton of time together + made so many memories to round out 2018.

It was bittersweet taking down our tree + boxing up the decorations until next year. Yet, I know that in a year from now, the magic, festivities, experiences + fun will be waiting for us.

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