The dust has settled since christmas but I am still trying to savor the last few moments of this incredible holiday.

Christmas this year was a standout. Something about seeing it through my kids’ eyes + the time with our families made a major impression on me. It was a lot of go-go-go, over indulging, a christmas eve visit to urgent care (cohen had an ear infection!) + very little sleep but totally worth it. I would say cohen 90% understood the joy + excitement of christmas. He loved our tree + seeing the presents nestled up below it. However, it still remained a bit sparse with ornaments on the bottom third because oddly, two year olds have a tendency to gravitate¬† all the most delicate of decorations. ha! Blake also has been pretty entranced by all the lights + would bump into the tree a bit in her walker. Maybe next year?!?!

As I have gotten older, gift giving has become even more fun than receiving. So of course I was thrilled to see cohen tear open his gifts, with a bit of assistance. Both of our little babes were spoiled by our families with presents. Blake is still a bit young so, cohen happily opened her gifts + brought them to her to see. My boy, always wanting to help his sister. I hope that trait holds strong as he gets older too!

Oh I feel like there is so much to say about christmas. I feel like I could go on and on about all the fun of christmas eve or the amazing dinner at my parents. Or christmas morning at my in laws’ house… everyone piled up in the living room opening gifts together with big smiles on our faces, that was pretty amazing too. I guess I will just let all these photos do the talking for me.

2017, you were pretty damn perfect + christmas was a major high note to close out on. I cannot wait to share my thoughts + hopes for 2018 with all of you soon. I also have a ton of great content just waiting in my drafts folder too. See you in the new year… cheers!


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