Blake elizabeth is 8 months old! In the last few weeks her hair has darkened, her voice has began to fill our home with squeals + shrills and her smile is often now competing with her tongue for center stage.

blake 8 month update

Some days it really feels like my baby girl wakes up like a new, more grown version of herself. I have to stop + think, was she sticking her tongue out like that just yesterday? Or, when did she learn to pick up toys with her tiny hands? Truly, the milestones are ever changing. What has not changed (unfortunately for our whole household) is sleeping through the night. This little girl just likes to wake up + eat! When will solid sleep become our reality again? I have a feeling it’s going to be on her terms, in her own way.

A few additional updates from this past month…

Blake is a huge fan of being upright. She loves to sit beside you, in her bumbo or between your legs to see the world around her. Often times she reaches out to grab anything near her to examine. We have all had to learn the hard way that she has a great wingspan. Nothing is safe if she is determined to get it. Cohen loves to bring her toys + objects around the house too. He is quite the helper + usually follows it up with a kiss on her hand or cheek. It is so sweet to see how affectionate he can be to her. Oh, and blake is obsessed with our dog rocco. She loves watching him run around the house + chase the squirrels outside. We just have to keep him out of her grasp… despite her desire to grab him.

Baby girl, I love you so much + do wish you would listen to me when I say, stop growing!

blake 8 month update

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