Blake hit so many milestones in the past month its almost hard to keep track. Here is an update on the past few weeks for my baby girl.

blake 7 months

Our home was riddled with endless sickness in the month of december. Sadly, I feel like blake took the brunt of it too. There is nothing worse than seeing your baby battle runny noses, congestion + sleepless nights; feeling helpless that you cannot make it go away. Being on the smaller size + her young age, her body has a more difficult time fighting off the germs going around. On top of being under the weather, blake got her first tooth right as we headed home from our mexico vacation at the beginning of the month. Let’s just say, it was the perfect storm if you enjoy misery. Yet, my strong baby girl was fearless, positive and her happy-go-lucky-self… with a near-permanent smile on her face through it all.

Additionally, december brought many firsts for blake beyond her little bottom tooth. She started eating baby food, celebrated her first christmas, is blowing raspberries with her tongue + my favorite, dancing. Ryan calls her little rocking back-and-forth her ‘shimmy’ and it truly precious beyond words. If you even just turn on music or begin singing, her face lights up and the rocking/swaying begins.blake 7 month update

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