Blake has zoomed through 1/2 of her first year. Today’s post is an update on my little girl’s last month…

blake 6 month update

There were a lot of highs for blake this past month. She is enjoying standing more + more, wanting to be upright versus on her back most of the time. Additionally, we just got back from our first family vacation which also got blake a stamp in her passport. Yep, my little girl has her own passport. Likewise, she has completely found her voice. She proudly showed off her ability to shrill + shriek on the plane too. I am sure everyone loved it!

However, we have faced a bit of a low for our babes too. Just like her brother, blake has a pretty serious case of eczema. It is probably one of the leading factors in her interrupted sleep patterns because she wakes up scratching her skin. We have had to put little mittens on her hands + change up her skincare. It has helped but we still have a ways to go. I made an appointment at a pediatric dermatologist + I am hopeful we will be able to keep progressing in a positive direction.

blake 6 month update



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  1. Ryan December 14, 2017 at 12:40 pm

    I love our little Bake! Another current love is her shoulder shimmy and I would say smiling in general. She’s just the happiest little girl which is reflective of the environment her mommy has created for her.