Rolling over, blowing bubbles + playing with toys; blake is 5 months old and she is hitting milestone after milestone. Here is her 5 month update.

Our little ‘bake’ is already 5 months + truly, I cannot believe it most days. She began attempting to roll over last month but quickly mastered that act in just a few days. Most days you will catch her smiling, gurgling + laughing but in the rare instance that she gets a bit frustrated, she will scratch at her head. Moreover, we have been taking in the last moments of fall with daily walks to our neighborhood coffee shop. A couple days a week we pick up cohen early from daycare for a family visit to the park. While blake just stays in her carseat, I think she enjoys the fresh air + looking up at the trees + clouds.

My only wish for blake in the coming weeks would be for her sleep to improve. She still wakes up at least once a night. So, you can imagine that ryan + I are both not getting that great of sleep either. Our pediatrician says that a baby’s sleep improves around 5-6 months. I am hopeful that we will all begin having a bit less interrupted sleep in our very near future.

Written by Jaime
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