And just like that, little blake is 3 months old; smiling, laughing + sleeping like a champ.

I don’t know if it is the effect of having 2 kids or that life just feels like it is moving a hundred miles a minute but it really seems like blake hit her stride very early on. She is attentive + can follow the sound of your voice as you move across a room. Additionally, she’s reactionary when you smile or talk to her. For some reason, I don’t remember cohen being so ‘with it’ at this same age. Yeah I know, you are not supposed to compare your children but I think it is only natural to think about.

Looking back at our first go with cohen, I feel like ryan + I were still in that slight sleep-deprived-zombie-state at 3 months. Maybe our bodies have truly adjusted to small humans but I feel like we’re functioning adults on a regular basis. I guess I owe that to what a good baby little blake has been for us. Oh and that she is sleeping so well for 3 months. She now goes to sleep around 8-9p and sleeps for a good 6-7 hour stretch before waking up for a bottle. Blake will then go back to sleep (and so do we!) until cohen wakes us sometime between 6-7a.

Our time at home, just momma + babe, is winding down. We are preparing to send blake off to join her brother in daycare soon. I know already how much I will miss our morning schedule; giving her a bath, lots of walks to the park + tons of snuggle-time on the couch. But again, if she is anything like her brother, she will thrive in daycare + enjoy the structure + socialization that it brings. My little girl, oh she is just perfection.


Written by Jaime
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