(Miz Mooz riding boot similar here and here  /  black Kohl’s leggings  /  The Limited camel cardigan  /  Target tee)
You might be asking yourself why these pictures are at night?  Well… that would be because I did not get out of my pajamas until 5p yesterday and I do not think pjs count as part of my 30×30 Remix challenge.  
You will be happy to know that I did finally get up and be a member of society for a few hours though.  What caused me to layer up my leggings, boots, cardigan and beautiful black scarf which was gifted to me from my mom… naturally, food.  Ryan and I went and grabbed a light dinner at Colt and Grey and ran a quick errand before I crawled back into my lounge wear and slipped into bed.
Written by Jaime
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