I am a huge makeup lover (hello! birchbox) even though I would like to think that I am a fairly low-maintenance kind of girl.  I can proudly say I can get fully ready including shower, blow dry + style hair and make up) in just about 30 minutes which I feel is not too bad.  

(tinted moisturizer  /  m.a.c shadow  /  blush  /  gloss  /  bronzer  /  cover up  /  eyeliner  /  mascara)
Well, while getting ready this morning I realized that some of my go-to products are getting pretty low and close to running out.  These are the products that I use everyday to make me look/feel like I can go out in the world every day and not look like a crazy person.  
As far as brands go, I am a bit all over the board from high-end to every day bargains I can pick up at the grocery store.  I fell in love with m.a.c. back when I was a senior in high school and have been a loyal buyer of the eye shadows and blush for years now.  I have also been smitten with maybelline mascara since I would sneak into my mom’s makeup bag as a kid while playing dress up.  
I am now anxiously waiting until Friday (aka payday) to go replace a couple of the items above.
Written by Jaime
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