As we all know, award season is in full swing.  Yes of course, there is the buzz of the red carpet which I even posted about here (for the Golden Globes) but the true stars of all award shows are the films, actors, writers, directors, etc. which are nominated.

(some of the recent movie stubs I have)
Every year my friend Ashley puts together the Academy Awards nominations (the super bowl of the award shows) and challenges a group of friends to go see as many films before the big show.  She then invites everyone over to watch the show, fill out our ballots and then see who takes the cake in correct guesses as the night progresses.  
So far I have seen quite a few and plan to knock out Django Unchained, Zero Dark Thirty, Skyfall, Wreck-it Ralph and possibly The Master in the coming weeks.  Below are the top nominations for the best picture…

Best Picture
– Amour
– Argo *
– Beasts of the Southern Wild
– Django Unchained
– Les Miserables *
– Life of Pi
– Lincoln *
– Silver Linings Playbook *
– Zero Dark Thirty

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