Happy valentine’s day lovelies!

Oh what a day it is too… filled with excitement + lovely gestures. Our morning kicked off early due to a four-legged little fur ball wanting to go outside. However, our early morning allowed us plenty of time to pack up cohen’s valentine’s day cards for his friends at school. Ryan + I are taking a half day at work so we can spend some time together before our 24 week doctor’s appointment this afternoon. Just like we did a few months ago, we are going to have a little day-date while cohen is busy at school making valentine’s day crafts + eating sweet treats. Maybe we will grab a late lunch or go see a movie together. Regardless of what we do, I just love any time we get to the two of us.

One tradition I absolutely love is staying home on valentine’s day. There is so much hype around big pre-fixed meals at all the hottest restaurants around town. Yet, steering clear of the crowds for a more intimate meal at home is almost more enjoyable for me. Maybe we will make pasta or ryan will grill us up a couple steaks. Regardless, I love that we will have a nice mix of time just us and then also a little celebration as a family tonight.

I hope everyone’s day is filled with some love. Valentine’s day is a great way to remember that we all deserve to be loved. Likewise it is important to give love to those around us too. My wish is that we all feel that today.

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