Happy monday everyone! For the past week I have been in beautiful playa del carmen mexico for a much needed vacation. Hopefully you didn’t notice much of a difference around here while I was out. My plan this week is to sort through pictures and give you a full recap of my vacation soon. Stay tuned.
I missed you all terribly while I was gone (seriously, I did!). While it was liberating in a sense, I am now paying for turning off all of my electronics while I was gone… yep, no email, internet, blogs, instagram, twitter or pinterest. As I try to dig out from being away from all social connection for a week, I wanted to post this holiday video that totally stole my heart. In my make-believe-world, I gathered a couple of my most favorite friends, put on coordinating holiday-inspired winter-wear and trekked up into the colorado mountains to cut down a tree just like this video. Oh… that would be lovely wouldn’t it?!?!
Written by Jaime

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