Want to keep your home looking + feeling clean on the daily? Here are my 5 go-to ways to keep my home clean, everyday.

I hate clutter. A sink full of dishes + toys scattered all of my floor instantly ups my anxiety. So, having 2 small kids who make messes daily (multiple times a day) is counterintuitive to my total being. Ha!

Before kids, I would religiously clean my house every weekend. Nothing felt better than giving my home a proper scrub down. Think spring cleaning every saturday morning. Yeah it was a bit ambitious + excessive but I loved it. Everything would be clean + organized to then maintain throughout the week. Fast forward to present day, and I will be honest that sustaining a sterile environment is so much harder. On top of mealtime, toys, art projects + just a ton of baby gear, it feels like my home is sometimes working against me in terms of cleanliness. Oh, that doesn’t even include my exhaustion + time. When I am running low on energy, motivating myself to scrub the baseboards instead of melting into the couch rarely happens.

Honestly, my house is still tidy but I do envy my pre-children home on a regular basis. Yet, I need to remind myself that it is okay because quality time with my kids is more important than an immaculate home. To keep my sanity, there are 5 things I do everyday to make my house feel pulled together + looking good. These simple tasks take less than 20-30 minutes total but make a major impact visually.

load the dishwasher. A sink full of dirty dishes makes my whole kitchen feel disgusting. Taking 5 minutes to put everything into the washer is an instant improvement. Typically I will run the dishwasher before I leave the house so, I can unload while I make dinner that night.

make my bed. A well kept bed fuels my soul + sets a positive intention for the day. Even if I only throw the covers back up + toss a decorative pillow towards the headboard, it is a quick facelift to my entire room.

pick up all the toys. It might be one of my most annoying ‘chores’ but I pick up toys all damn day. However, I would rather pick up books, cars, puzzles, dolls + gear after play is over, versus becoming accustom to our floors being covered in stuff all the time. I utilize book bins + some built in storage to conceal stuff in both our living room + their bedroom.

fluff the couch pillows. After a full day of snuggling while watching ‘ratatouille’ or having an epic tickle fight, our couch can look pretty sad. The fastest way to bring it back to life is by fluffing the pillows. Oh and don’t forget to give each one a good chop for that perfect decorative touch.

put clothes in the laundry bin. Four people live in my house + that means four people’s dirty clothes could end up being piled up on the floor. During our bedtime routine, I do a quick lap around the house picking up the socks, jackets + clothes from the day. Then, everything goes in their designated laundry bins.

I hope I am not the only one who feels like doing a few simple things everyday improves their state of mind. Recently a girlfriend told me she vacuums her whole house every night. I initially though, ‘impressive’ but then realized, it didn’t seem too far out of my daily tasks. What is the one thing you do to give your house an instate pick me up?

Written by Jaime
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