I took a couple hours on Saturday to seriously go through my closets, drawers and stacks of clothes to figure out what to include in my 30×30 remix, kicking off today. After sorting through everything, I had 2 giant trash bags full of donations (yeah, I was holding on to way too many things thinking ‘I might wear this someday…’. Now I feel like I have a clear head (and closet) to start remixing away.
For my summer remix challenge, I am including…
13 tops
2 jackets
4 dresses/skirts
3 pants
2 shorts
5 shoes

(please forgive my horrible photography and wrinkled clothing in these photos)

And, just like last year, I am not going to include a simple black or white tank in my 30 items because I wear one of these nearly every day under items or with v-neck styled tops. It’s my remix and I am making the rules! 
Wish me luck because there is no turning back now.
Written by Jaime
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