365 new days, 365 new chances. Here are my hopes for the year ahead…

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Hello there 2018. Nice to meet you. Just like any new relationship, we are still trying to get aquatinted. You have greeted my household with sickness, exhaustion + lots of runny noses. We have not left the house in days but I know that you are just setting the ground work + letting us build our strength to take on the new year. There is going to be great things to learn, explore, experience + see over the next 364 days; one more reason you need us to kick this sickness out now. Right?!?!… this is not foreshadowing of what is to come. It just can’t be.

In all honestly, I am truly looking forward to all that 2018 might hold. I want to embrace it all + allow challenges, people, opportunities + grace to guide me. Like so many, I have been reflecting a lot on the chapter that just closed. 2017 had its highs + lows which tested me on many levels. So, below are my resolutions + hopes for the year ahead…

Patience. If 2017 taught me anything, it’s that exhaustion is constant. Having 2 small children (1 of which does not seem to enjoy sleeping much at all) is demanding. My patience lacks at times with my kids, my family + with my husband. I want to remember to take a breath, slow down + change my perspective. Additionally, I want to be more patient with myself. Not everything needs to go my way + rationality should guild my thought process more than my emotions.

Acceptance. I will admit, I am often quick to judge. Moreover, I have let previous insecurities + fears guide my decisions. I want to be more open-minded + accepting, allowing me to see things as they are without judgment.

Eat less sugar. There are very few sweets I turn away from. I love dessert, what can I say! Yet, over the past year, I feel like I have let a bit too much refined sugar into my life. I want to take back the reins on my sugar consumption, consciously cutting back on my day-to-day. Maybe this will help my skin, sleep, mood + body.

Self Care. When you are constantly tired + looking after small humans 24/7, it is hard to find the time or energy to do much for yourself. I have let the majority of my passions + interests fall by the wayside (outside of this blog!) along with taking the time I need for myself. I want to put myself + my well being back on my priority list. So, if that means a massage every few months, taking a class, getting back into the gym or sitting down to read every night, I need to give myself a little love more regularly.

What are your 2018 goals? Do you have resolutions you are hoping to make too?


Written by Jaime
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