Happy halloween! The concept of halloween might have finally resonated with cohen; here’s a little peek on how we are celebrating this year.

Happy halloween lovely readers! We have been celebrating all weekend + it has been so much fun to see it through cohen’s eyes. While this is technically his 3rd halloween, I think he finally ‘get’s it’ this year.

Ryan + I deliberated on a few different costumes but ultimately decided on a friendly skeleton. His costume is technically a pair of pjs but he is mobile in them + can play without restriction. Bonus… he can wear them to bed for weeks to come + relive the fun. I found his little skeleton hat on amazon, the perfect ‘final touch’.

Last friday, ryan’s work had a little trick-o-treating event though their office. Cohen went through the sea of cubicles, collecting candy as he went. He kept asking for each piece of candy to be opened, not quite understanding why he couldn’t eat each piece right then + there. Ha! Blake was dressed up as the very hungry caterpillar + while she of course, had no clue what was going on, cohen loved telling people she was a ‘bug!’. We tried our best to get a family photo but we might have come up a bit short on the quality. 🙂

We hosted ryan’s family for our annual pumpkin carving night + I would say it was a huge success. The kids did awesome too… scooping out the seeds + goo, something I always struggle with. Having everyone crowded around our dining room table, arms deep in pumpkins + creativity made my heart full. I am such a sucker for tradition so it’s no surprise that this night was extra special for me.

This morning we got the kids dressed up (again) in their costumes for a halloween parade + party at daycare. We will probably do a little trick-o-treating tonight but only to a couple houses because of the cold weather. And, because halloween is nothing without a couple scares, a horror movie will be in our future after the kids go to sleep. If you need a suggestion on a movie to watch tonight, I rounded up my favorite horror films here.

Happy halloween everyone! I hope you have a safe but super fun day!


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