This weekend I will celebrate my very 1st mother’s day. My first mother’s day where I am the mom. Wow! I don’t know why but there are a whole lot of emotions going through me right now.

South on Broadway Blog: Mother's Day / 1st Mother's Day / Cohen / Maribeth Photography / Baby

Raising a child might be the biggest undertaking anyone can take on. It requires a selflessness that I never totally understood until I brought a little baby into this world last september. Everyone who is a parent knows how much work it is, so, I don’t want to beat a dead horse but it is taxing physically, mentally and emotionally. Yes it is 150% worth it and that is confirmed with every grin, giggle and snuggle I get from my son but the pressure to do it all and keep your sanity can test you at times. There is an exhaustion from a long day at work that makes you want to crawl into bed and watch netflix but as a parent, that is not an option. You just have to put on your ‘big girl pants’ and power through… make dinner, give a bath, have a tickle war on the couch, read a children’s book and rock your sweet-perfection-of-a-child to sleep. Normal 9-5 jobs allow for vacation-days but parenting is 24/7 non-stop. Even when you get away for a girls trip, a night out or what have you, your child is constantly on your mind as a reminder that there is something bigger than you, that absorbs your conscious and sub-conscious self.

South on Broadway Blog: Mother's Day / 1st Mother's Day / Cohen / Maribeth Photography / Baby

I think mothers should be celebrated and recognized more than once a year because they truly do so much everyday, without ever wanting anything more than a big kiss or a hug. Mom’s dig in and work hard, provide for their families and give of themselves when they are running on next to nothing but caffeine and determination. I have always put a lot of value on mother’s day and written an annual post about how grateful I am for the mother’s I know personally. I also love to send little notes in the mail to the mom’s who inspire, influence and impress me with their ability to keep so many balls in the air at once. As I was re-reading my mother’s day posts from previous years, I stopped on the one from 2014 as it was particularly poignant. I wrote out a list of the traits and qualities I would want to instill in a future child. It is pretty cool that now, as a mom, I still find this list to be the priorities I want to teach cohen as he grows.

South on Broadway Blog: Mother's Day / 1st Mother's Day / Cohen / Maribeth Photography / Baby

I am grateful to be part of this invaluable and important ‘club’ as it has been the most rewarding adventure I have ever taken on. I have found a strength in myself that I never knew I had and motherhood has further grounded me in the ideals and values I carry with me everyday.

To all the mother’s out there, my biggest compliments to you. I hope you have a fabulous day and feel how invaluable you are. Below is a fun little video to say thank you, specifically to my mom who has done (and continues to do) so much for me…


The above images are courtesy of maribeth photography which were shot a few weeks ago to capture cohen at 6 months.

Written by Jaime
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